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Wastewater material is composed of approximately 99 percent liquids and one percent solids. The small percentage of solids and microorganisms in wastewater are the cause of health hazards and nuisances.

A properly functioning septic/wastewater system is one that prevents these harmful pollutants from accumulating to dangerous levels in the environment.

R. M. Pacella provides water and wastewater services to assist in maintaining, installing and developing municipal and private systems.

Our Services include general maintenance, pipeline testing, flushing, and leak detection services. We provide our services throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Septic, Sludge, Leachate, Grease - Pumping, Hauling and Disposal

Emergency Storm and Waste Water Service

In case of abrupt water and wastewater emergencies, R. M. Pacella knows that a quick response is vital to minimizing downtime and safety risk exposure.

Crisis or disaster management is essential for every business and community. Our professional staff has the knowledge and ability to provide continuous improvements and emergency scheduled services.

When you become an established customer of R. M Pacella, you can expect the same personalized service that the company has built its reputation on for your emergency response needs.

R. M. Pacella helps its local customers and communities 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We quickly dispatch the necessary personnel, equipment, and materials from the nearest R. M. Pacella facility to your emergency location.

Septic Pumping

Wastewater & Storm Water Services

  • Residential Property
  • Condominium Assoc.
  • Septic Systems
  • Residential Complexes
  • Sewer Plants
  • wastewater treatment
  • Industrial Parks
  • Comercial Complexes
  • Municipal Systems
  • Storm Drain Systems
  • Sewer line Repairs
  • Eco Friendly Engineering

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As a distribution superintendent for Dedham-Westwood water district, I have been the direct contact with RM Pacella, Inc. since they won the bid contract 2013. This contract is for "on Call services for pavement patching and general water main, service and hydrant repair and emergency service. Our relationship has been outstanding as we could not be more pleased with both the service and the professionalism which RM Pacella conducts themselves.
Stephen Locke
Distribution Superintendent
Working with RMP on a wastewater treatment plant upgrade in Sudbury, MA was our first experience with their team. They were critical in enabling the team to achieve a quality final product on schedule and within budget for the client. RMP was versatile and adapted to several existing conditions in order to meet the design requirements. They worked safety and exhibited the highest level of professionalism in the way in which they conducted their day-to-day operations from the field to the office.
Jeffrey A. Fishbone
Project Manager
Industrial / Commercial / Residential
Excavation-Wastewater-Heavy Civil-Construction
Today, R. M. Pacella, Inc. resume includes all heavy civil development associated with vertical building, treatment and processing facilities, landfills, highway and recreational construction.
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