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Metcalf - Pacella Materials

We are proud to announce Metcalf Materials is now Metcalf-Pacella Materials. We offer the same quality mulch, stone, sand, and loam you’ve come to expect from Metcalf. 

Metcalf – Pacella Materials is a leading landscaping material supplier in the Southeastern Massachusetts/Norfolk County area offering competitively priced material to homeowners and contractors. We now offer the ability to shop online and have our materials delivered to you!

For all your yard care needs, we carry:

  • HEMLOCK & PINE BARK MULCH – Use Around Shrubs & Flowers!
  • SCREENED LOAM OR COMPOST – Topsoil For Your Lawn & Garden!
  • CRUSHED COLORED STONE – Decorative for Walks and Driveways!
  • STONE DUST – For Under & Between Brick Pavers!
  • CRUSHER RUN – Driveway Base!
  • WASHED SAND – For Sandboxes And Under Pools And For Masonry Work!
  • PLAYGROUND MATERIALS – Round Peastone OR Safety Woodchips!
  • WALL STONE – Random sized natural rock for New England Stonewalls!
  • WOOD CHIPS – For Nature Paths & Dog Pens & Playgrounds!
  • FIREWOOD – Seasonally available

Residential and Landscapers WELCOME! 

As a family-owned business, we take pride in working with you on your project. Serving the greater Franklin area, southern Norfolk County and beyond, we deliver to Franklin, Bellingham, Medway, Milford, Norfolk, Walpole, Wrentham, and surrounding areas.

RM Pacella - Sand Gravel Stone